Recreating an Old Pair of Mittens

Original mitten

A local woman approached me about knitting a pair of mittens for her grandaughter. She wanted the mittens to be modelled on a pair her mother had knit for her 50 years ago. The original mittens were in surprisingly good condition, which made it fairly easy to chart the pattern from the mitten. I re-designed the thumbs because the original mittens showed too much stress at the join of the thumb. I also fixed a few errors knit into the pattern of one of the mittens.

I chose a wool yarn for the updated version, in a bright blue and natural color. The mittens were fun to knit, and thinking that I would only be knitting the one pair, I only saved the chart of the back of the mitten and the palm design, not my notes on the rest of the mitten as it progressed.

The granddaughter loved the mittens and felt a real connection to her great-grandmother through the mittens. One of the woman's daughters also admired the mittens a lot.

Naturally, I have now been asked to knit another pair, exactly the same, for the daughter. This time I plan to keep all my notes about the pattern, just in case there is a 3rd pair of mittens to be made.

My version of the mitten