Fairisle Knitting Projects

Fairisle Knitting is a type of color pattern knitting in which the colors are carried behind the knitting. The easiest way to knit fairisle is to carry one color in each hand. The typical “rules” for fairisle are: no more than 2 colors in any one row and no more than 5 stitches of one color in a row.

Recreating an Old Pair of Mittens

This is a baby outfit I made for friends. The pattern comes from a Pingouin pamphlet. I followed the pattern, but the color choices seemed somewhat dull and at the same time too feminine for a baby of unknown gender. I chose bright colors of Dale Baby Ull yarn, a machine washable wool and made up my own color sequence for the suit. I did keep the pigs pink. As it turns out, the baby was a girl and so the pinkness of the original was a moot point. I like my color scheme better, though.